• OSAC

    Overseas Security Advisory Council

    What is OSAC?

    It is an agency attached to the United States Department of State, which promotes security cooperation between the interests of the private sector worldwide, meeting the objectives of the State Department to facilitate business and investment abroad, by creating a network of contacts and effective, fast and effective communication, which allows members of the private sector to obtain the necessary tools to deal with security threats.


    The "Council" of OSAC is made up of 31 private sector organizations and 3 members of the public sector that represent specific industries or agencies operating abroad. Member organizations designate representatives to be part of the Security Advisory Council, to provide direction and guidance to develop the programs that most benefit the US private sector.


    With the opening of Chapter OSAC we promote the best security practices towards improving business efficiency, communication between corporations/companies and various organizations from the United States government.

    Why OSAC?

    OSAC and AmCham seek best practices to efficiently boost business between companies and have direct communication between companies and the various organizations of the United States Government.


    With OSAC, more security, more competitiveness, more controls on the part of the United States would be obtained to avoid illegal business and would allow greater collaboration between the parties, since the more secure the information, illegal businesses can be avoided, providing security so that they can establish business relationships between different companies, promoting the development of the city and the Region.